B2 Dufay Shawm Collection 1 for SAA shawms (also suitable for recorders)

B2 Dufay Shawm Collection 1 for SAA shawms (also suitable for recorders)

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Belle, vuelliés moy retenir

Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys

L̉̉ alta belleza tua

Entre vous, gentils amoureux

Ce jour de l ̉an

Belle, que vous ay je mesfait

How to use this book

I’ve tried to make this book as flexible as possible. The first half contains editions of each piece for shawms in D and G at sounding pitch, the second half for shawms in C and F at sounding pitch, which can also be used by players of shawms in D and G who prefer to read in F and C fingerings.

Guillaume Dufay (? 1397–1474) was a pivotal figure in the history of music whose
works straddled the fading years of the medieval period and heralded the arrival of the renaissance. One of the last composers to make use of isorhythm, and the first to explorthe new harmonies, phrasing and forms that marked the music of the fifteenth century, hwas one of the most influential figures of his time.

His music was endlessly copied and distributed throughout Europe. His fame was
unrivalled and some element of his style rubbed off on just about every composer who followed him during the 15th century.

The present collection includes three New Year's chansons (Belle, vuelliés moy retenir,
Entre vous, gentils amoureux and Ce jour de l ̉an), the Italian ballata L̉ alta belleza tua,
and the delightfully nostalgic Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys.